Dr.G’s Work
Consultant business and clinical psychology

She has a Doctorate degree in Occupational Psychology (2012) from Southern California University and another in Counseling Psychology from City University (2004).

Part of her vision was to offer her expertise and knowledge in Business Psychology through Corporate consultancy and training workshops, with an emphasis on the human resource factor and how it affects the workplace.Her exposure and experience working with International standards and psychometric testing.

She opened her own practice in 2009, where she sees clients, using a CBT approach. Her own counseling encompasses couples therapy, individual therapy, and adolescents. She developed and constructed the foundation to the training department and it’s educational program; offering educational programs in counseling.

Psych Cinema is a service provided by Counseling and Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Georgette Savvides. The service aims at offering psychological counseling service for actors, writers, directors and filmmakers who are eager to introduce real characters through their cinematic works. Psych Cinema includes collective workshops for filmmakers with specific or direct consultancy. The utmost goal behind this service is to build the interface between film and psychology, shape the characters to meet realistic standards, support and provide the research based material for the portrayal of psychological themes in film, series and plays and train the actors into realistically mimicking characters with psychological buildup or difficulties.The Psych Cinema service started with Naseby Wi Easmitik TV drama which stars Hany Salama, Nicole Saba and Dorra. Most recently, Dr. Savvides is collaborating with the producing company of the new TV Drama 30 Youm that stars Asser Yassin, Bassel Khayyat and Walid Fawwaz. The new TV drama is set to join the race of Ramadan 2017. Dr. Savvides also wrote an article about 62 movies that are based on psychological themes within the list of the award winning movies for “Best Motion Picture” section at the Academy Awards, in addition to an article reviewing Hepta novel.

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