Adrianna Savvides,
Psychealth Junior Academy
Dr Georgette insightful ideas, tools and methods in approaching young adolescence experiencing various challenges in their social and educational life, helped my overall performance as an educator first and secondly as a counsellor. Her suggestive surviving mechanisms in dealing and approaching stressful situations, has always come in handy especially when stuck in traffic on the sixth of October bridge.
Ramy Daoud,
Consultant Psychodynamic Psychiatrist
I worked with Dr Savvides at the Behman Hospital in 2003-4, at which time she was chief of the psychology department there. Dr Savvides was very dynamic and had very high standards both for herself and her staff. She improved the service greatly, both to inpatients with severe and enduring mental illness, as well as to the clients of the substance misuse department. She was clearly very competent and eager to teach those around her in the weekly teaching programme at the hospital. She was a flexible colleague and it enjoyable to work with
Laila Makhyoun
Dr Georgette is a fantastic psychiatrist,whom one can feel at ease discussing anything which,no matter how embarassing it may be.Additionally,she is very professional,friendly and acknowledges any progress made no matter how small.Moreover,she made me feel very comfortable and welcome and overall i looked forward to our sessions and was more than satisfied with the end result
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