Dr.G’s CV
ADDRESS: Mohandsin, Maadi, Fifth Settlement
TEL: 0020-1278529814
E-MAIL: dr.georgettesavvides@gmail.com , georgette@dr-g.online

Consultant business and clinical psychology
2007 –2012 Southern California University
Professional Doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Occupational Psychology

2005 -2006 City University
Level A & B Competence Certificate in Occupational & Organizational consultancy & Psychometric Testing

2001-2004 City University
Professional Doctorate in Psychology with a Specialization in Adult clinical psychology

2002 The Open University
Conversion Diploma in Psychology

1999-2000 King’s College – Institute of Psychiatry National Addiction Center
Master’s of Science in Clinical & Public Health Aspects of Addiction

1990- 1995 The American University in Cairo
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Recruitment, Selection & Traning of PR. Graduates

Recruitment & Selection of HR managers

Team Building & Recruitment proposal

Employee Assistant Department Setting

December, 2010 Eli-Lilly & Company –Saudi OPSCOM
Team Effectiveness Analysis & Evaluation

December, 2011 Eli Lilly & Company – Saudi OPSCOM
Team Evaluation & Strategy for Improvement

February, 2011 P& G –Egypt
Wellness department & TNA consultant

March, 2012 Takeda – Egypt
Team Evaluation & Strategy for Improvement

September, 2014 (Current) CIB smart village-Egypt
Stress Management -Advanced Stressed Management

October, 2014 Etisalat-Egypt
Wellness week

November, 2014 Vodafone-Egypt
Parenting skills-management level

November, 2014 Henkel -Egypt
Performance Culture Project

December, 2014 Touch Media-Egypt
Training Ushers (traditional-trade) for Henkel Egypt

February, 2015 (Current) CIB smart village-Egypt
Stress Management training for managers and employees

March, 2015 Vodafone-Egypt
Unconscious bias and its impact on the workplace –management level

April, 2015 Sustainable Business Circle-GIZ/MENA Hub
Employee wellness and its importance

June, 2015 Sustainable Business Circle-GIZ/MENA Hub
Employee Diversity and its impact in the workplace

July, 2015 EG group
Healthy Eating in Ramadan

August, 2015 Hero Baby Food
Stress Management & Anger Management

September, 2015 Tanmeyah for Development
Stress Management & Time Management

September, 2015 Oracle
Healthy Eating

October, 2016 Hero Baby Food
Stress management workshop

February, 2016 Wadi Group On-going
Consultant on Organizational Change project

February, 2016 Traccs International
Emotional Intelligence & Communication

Summer 1990 (2 months) - El Dar Mental Institute
Dr. Shahira Loza
Child Psychologist / Trainee

Summer 1991-1993 (2 months / each) Behman Mental Hospital
Dr. Nasser Loza
Psychologist / Trainee

January 1995 – April 1995 - Behman Mental Hospital

November 1995 – March 1996 - Behman Mental Hospital

January 1999 – August 1999 - Pediatric & Learning Disability Clinic
Working with Children of Different Psychiatric or Behavioral
Problems – Parent Education / Groups for Parent Support and Children

January 1999- August 1999 The Institute of Criminal, Environmental and Substance Use Research
Researcher / Project in Drug Dependence

March 1999 – August 1999 - Private Patient
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with Mental Sub-normality

April 1999 – August 1999 - Abdel Nasser Omar Clinic
Assessment and Therapy (Adults)

MAY 1999 – August 1999 - Institute of Psychiatry- Ain Shams University
Dr. Adel Sadek
Assessment & Therapy of Different Psychiatric Disorders

June 1999 – August 1999 - Ahmed Saad Clinic
Therapy of Adult Psychiatric Disorders / Substance abuse

June 1999 – August 1999 - Maadi Palace Hospital
Dr. Mohamed Ghanem
Substance Abuse Unit- Group & Individual Therapy

October, 1999 – November, 1999 The Oaks Resource Center
Dr. Emily Finch
Substance Abuse Community Service – Assessment & Diagnosis

January, 2000 – February, 2000 Wickham Park House
Bethlam Royal Hospital
Dr. Jenny Bearn
Substance Abuse Inpatient Detoxification Unit
Assessment & Diagnosis

MAY, 2000 – June, 2000 - Max Glant Unit / Ealing Hospital
Dr. Faruk Alam
Substance / Alcohol Inpatient Detoxification Unit
Assessment & Diagnosis

July, 2000 – September 2000 - Kings College Hospital
Pain Clinic
Researcher / Project in Prescribed Medication Dependence February, 2001- July, 2001 - Private Patient / Child with Autism
Mrs. Bridgette Platt
Verbal Behaviour Therapy

JULY, 2001 – December 2001 George Medical Center/Neasden
Dr. Isis Noeman / Bernice Sorensen
Counselling Primary Care Patients (Depression / Anxiety / Phobia)

March, 2002 – October, 2003 - North East London Eating Disorder Services
Community Mental Health Team
Victoria Hospital/ Romford & Becontree Psychotherapy Services
Dr. Marcia D. Degun-Mather
Counselling Eating Disorders Clients (Anorexia / Bulimia / Binge Eating)

April, 2002 – October, 2003 - Islington and Camden Mental Health Trust
Substance Misuse Services
Gospel Oak
Dr. George Christo
Counselling Substance Misuse Clients (Drugs)

May, 2003 – NOVEMBER, 2003 - Maudsley NHS Trust-The Bethlam Royal Hospital
Gerald Russel Eating Disorders Inpatient Unit
Tysln West 2 Ward
Dr. Anna Lavender
Counselling Eating Disorder Clients and Other Related Disorders

May, 2003 – November, 2003 - Private Practice
One To One and Telephone Counselling – Addictive (Food- Drugs/ Alcohol- Personality- Generic) Disorders

December, 2003 – April, 2005 - Behman Mental Hospital
Counselling Psychologist / General Psychiatric Clients/Addictions – Inpatient/Outpatient Services/House calls

March, 2004 – AUGUST, 2004 - Delta Academy of Modern Science
Lecturer Introductory Courses in Psychology and Social Psychology

December, 2004-AUGUST, 2005 -Private Practice
Counselling Patients with Various Disorders using CBT approach

Febraury, 2005 – JUNE, 2005 The American University In Cairo
Lecturer-Introductory course in psychology-undergraduate level

Febraury, 2005 – March, 2005 The American University in Cairo – Counselling Centre
Counselling Psychologist

April, 2005 – August, 2005 - Behman Hospital –Cairo-Egypt
Head of Psychological Services and Department

December 12, 2005 – JULY 30, 2006 - Rhodes Farm Clinic Eatingm Disorder Unit
Counselling Psychologist

December 16, 2005 – JULY 30, 2006 - Hear & Now Counselling Services NELMET
Counselling Psychologist

August, 2006 – August, 2007 - Behman Hospital

August, 2006 - clinician –individual /family/couples/groups

August, 2006 - private free lance occupational counsultant

August, 2007 - post graduate lecturer & trainer

August, 2007 free lance counselling psychologist

September, 2007 – August, 2009 BCA College –Head of Psychology Department/Lecturer & Research Supervisor

September, 2007 – August, 2009 Free Lance Clinical & Occupational Psychologist – Consultation & Therapy

September 2009 – Present Founder and Owner of Psychealth Services and Training – clinical psychologist (individual therapy)-supervisor and trainer

January 21, 2004 – Ongoing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Skills & Practice (Behman Mental Hospital)

February 12 – 19 – 26, 2004 Brief Solution Focused Therapy (Behman Mental Hospital)

February 16, 2004 – June 10, 2004 Introduction to Psychology & Social Psychology Modules (Delta Academy of Modern Science)

May 18, 2004 Addictive Behaviours and how to Treat Them (American University in Cairo)

July 1, 2004 – August 30, 2004 Theories of Personality & Child Development Modules (Delta Academy of Modern Science)

July 12 – 19 – 26, 2004 Schema Focused Therapy (Behman Mental Hospital)

October 3, 2004 Cultural Issues in The Practice of Psychotherapy in Egypt (RCP Conference/Cairo-Egypt)

December 22, 2004 – July 6, 2005 Basic Counselling Skills for Treating Burn Victims (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

February 1, 2005 – July 6, 2005 General Psychology (American University In Cairo)

February 28, 2005 Eating Disorders Explained (American University in Cairo)

April 6 – 27, 2005 Mental State Examination (Behman Mental Hospital)

April – June, 2005 Basic Counselling Skills Level 1 (Behman Mental Hospital)

June 19, 2005 Token Economy for Schizophrenia (Behman Mental Hospital)

August 5, 2005 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis (Behman Mental Hospital)

September 22, 2006 CBT for Children and Adolescents (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

November 15, 2006 – ongoing Basic Counselling Skills Level One (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

December 23, 2006 First Contact with a Patient (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

February 3, 2006 Eliciting Symptoms in Patients (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

February 8, 2007 Content & Affect in Schizophrenia (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

February 18, 2007 Introduction to CBT (Behman Hospital/Cairo-Egypt)

FEBRUARY – JULY, 2007 Misr international university
LECTURER – Psychology department

August, 2008- August, 2009 bca college greece
Lecturer in Psychology

October, 2009 - current –psychealth services & training
Various workshops on Eating Disorders, Psychosis, Children & Adolescents & CBT – teaching post graduate diploma in counseling and cognitive therapy

April 27, 2005 – August 31, 2005 One to One Supervision – Behman Hospital

June 26, 2005 – August 31, 2005 Group Supervision Basic Counselling Skills Level 1 Course- Behman Hospital

September 12, 2005 – ongoing One to One / Telephone Supervision – Private

August 12, 2007 ongoing One to One Supervision CBT – Behman Hospital

April 1999 Training Course in LD / ADHD (International Conference Center taught by: Dr. Nancy Harjani Psy.D Clinical Psychologist)

May 1999 Training Course in Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Different Psychiatric Disorders. (Institute of Psychiatry- Ain- Shams University, supervised by: Dr. Adel Sadek & Dr. Suzan El Khouly & Dr. Abdel Nasser Omar)

November 29, 1999 Training Course in Drug Abuse (EB&P taught by: Dr. Ben Charnaud)

July 5-8 & 27-29, 2001 The Practitioner Skills Training for Eating Disorders (The National Center for Eating Disorders taught by: Dr. Deanne Jade)

October 2001- November 2001Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (City University taught by: Dr. Peter Langdon)

January 25, 2002 – 1-7-15-22 February, 2002 Brief Solution Focused Therapy (City University taught by: Dr. Rob Chapel)

March 1-7-15-21, 2002 Cognitive Analytical Therapy (City University taught by Dr. Claire Tanner)

April 22, 2002 Eating Disorders: Clinical Updates (Ort House, London taught by Dr. Christopher Fairburn)

March, 2002- January, 2003 Introduction to an Eating Disorder Service / Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders / The Etiology of Eating Disorders / The Understanding of Complex multi-Impulsive Bulimics / Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Eating Disorders / Differing Therapeutic Approaches Including CBT in Eating Disorders / Personality Disorders and Schema Focused Therapy / Borderline Personality Disorder / Trauma Therapy for Complex PTSD / Working with Self-Harm / (Victoria Center, London taught by Dr. Marcia Degun)

May 19, 2003 Staff Training Day – Inpatients Protocols and Catering (Bethlam Royal Hospital, taught by Dr. Janet Treasure)

May 28, 2003 Imagery Rescripting (Victoria Center, London taught by Dr. Marcia Degun)

June 4, 2003 Resolving Trauma Without Drama (Victoria Center, London taught by Dr. Marcia Degun)

June 16-17, 2003 Cognitive Therapy Unplugged: Fine Tuning Essential Therapist Skills (London taught by: Dr. Christine Padesky)

July 19, 2003 Beyond Binge Eating (London taught by: Mary Woods UKCP)

September 29 – October 2, 2003 The Maudsley Model of Short Term Outpatient Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa (London taught by: Dr. Anna Lavender- Dr. Janet Treasure- Dr. Urlike Schmidt)

January 26 –27, 2004 Schema Therapy For Resistant Patients (London taught by: Dr. Jeffery Young)

April 28 – 30, 2004 Essential Obesity (The National Center for Eating Disorders taught by: Dr. Deanne Jade)

September 8, 2004 The Deadly Triad: Borderline Personality Disorder, Substance Misuse & Suicidal Behaviour (EABCT Congress taught by: Dr. Aaron Beck)

October 1 – 2, 2004 Group Therapy For Addiction (Behman Hospital taught by: Tim Lighton – Clouds Treatment Center UK)

January 3-6, 2005 Total Quality Management, Introduction to ISO 9001/2000 (Behman Hospital taught by: Dr. Said Rated FRCS)

February 25, 2005 Risk Assessment and Management in Patients (Counselling Center American University in Cairo)

March 5th, 26th – May 7th, 21st, 2005 Motivational Interviewing (Behman Hospital taught by: Omar Nafie – Psychotherapist UKCP- Egypt)

September 21, 2005 CBT Strategies for Couples & Families (EABCT Congress taught by Dr. Dattilio- Greece)

September 22, 2005 CBT with Difficult Patients (EABCT Congress taught by Dr. Freeman- Greece)

September 23, 2005 Understanding Complex Cases: the Case Formulation Approach (EABCT Congress taught by Dr. Bruch- Greece)

September 24, 2005 CBT for Psychosis (EABCT Congress taught by Dr. Pinto- Greece)

1999 The British Psychological Society

2002 CCC REG. National Register of UK Counsellors NHS National Independent Provider

2002 British Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy

2003 Eating Disorder Association

2003 National Center of Eating Disorders

2003 British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy

“The Prevalence of Opioid Iatrogenic Dependence in Patients’ with Chronic Pain Syndrome”
The Institute of Psychiatry- King’s College – National Addiction Center
United Kingdom- London.
Supervisors: Dr. Kim Wolff & Dr. Adam Winstock.

“Burn out Syndrome, Coping Strategies and Preventative Methods in counselling Psychologists working in Mental Health Services”
City University
United kingdom-London
Supervisor: Stuart Menzis & Dr. Malcom Cross.

2003 National Carers Conference (New Hunt House-Guys Hospital London, Organized by the Eating Disorder Association and the Bethlam Royal Hospital – South London and Maudsley NHS Trust)

2004 European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies Congress, Manchester: UK

2004 The Royal College of Psychiatrists 6th Regional Meeting in the Middle East, Cairo: Egypt

2004 Narcotics Anonymous Annual Convention, Cairo: Egypt

2005 European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies Congress, Thessaloniki: Greece

2013 EACBT-, Cairo-Egypt

2014 Armed Forces Conference, Cairo-Egypt

ARABIC Excellent (W & S)
ENGLISH Excellent (W & S)
FRENCH V. Good (W & S)
GREEK V. Good (S)


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